The Burney Sisters

The sisters started singing around the house when they were barely able to walk. With some vocal coaching from Mom, they began harmonizing well before they picked up instruments.

Olivia found her first love with the ukulele after finding one at a garage sale for a dollar. She’s since evolved to play guitar as a primary stage instrument, as well as bass. She wrote her first song at 11 years of age and nearlyย  4 years later, she’s filled multiple books with over 100 songs of original Burney Sisters’ lyrics.

Emma, who plays fiddle, cello, bass, piano, and guitar has followed suit in her writing endeavors with her first original work debuting in 2020. Her songs will be added to the body of work intended for release in 2021 for their 3rd impending EP.

Bella is the newest member, bassist, and 3rd part vocal harmony that rounds out the trio in a magnificent way.ย  She’s excited to add her creativity to the mix and to travel with her sisters.

The sisters write and arrange their work and have recently produced their 3rd EP and follow up singles in their home studio.

Their soul nurturing sibling harmonies and tunes are reminiscent of The Avett Brothers, First Aid Kit, Indigo Girls, The Staves, and The Wild Reeds, and their music can be found on Itunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon.

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Stage Schedule

Performance Date: Saturday, September 25

Performance Time: 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm

Stage Location: EquipmentShare Stage

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