J.ARTiz & the MO’ Soul Collective

With band leader, J.ARTiz, as the lead artist, vocalist, MC and visionary, The MO’ Soul Collective becomes a multi-faceted performing arts group that curates/cultivates live music, live art, dance and a crossover of experimental poetry with jazz, blues, soul and R&B as its foundational genres. Encompassing Midwest genre equality, the name “MO’ SOUL”, comes from a tribute toward the Show Me state in which this group was formed and also an evident statement of needing mo’ soul music in the region in which this group originated, Columbia, MO. The collective may consist of up to 10 or more people on stage at a time with up to 4 vocalists, a full band with even a small horn section. This collective promotes cultural diversity, economic partnerships and strengthens community by facilitating and creating spaces where community members can come together and bond across intersection and intergeneration with live music. and explore new heights of music.


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Stage Schedule

Performance Date: Saturday, October 8

Performance Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Stage Location: EquipmentShare Stage

Stage Schedule