Molly Healey String Project

Molly Healey began her solo career in 2015 touring as a looping artist, blending her violin and cello together with her voice into atmospheric and experimental orchestral folk songs, and those first compositions were featured on her debut solo album, Nightbirds. Followed up by Human in 2017, Circles is her third album in only four years. She has grown from the stripped-down looping solo set, to a roster of songs that she performs with a full electric band.

The 2019 release of Circles is by far the most ambitious of her efforts. At times, it ventures into tense and driving rock beats reminiscent of Radiohead, and at others, it showcases her folk-rock roots, harking the songwriting style of Dawes or Spoon; all the while lacing nearly every track with full string arrangements performed entirely by multi-tracking herself in the studio. Her classically-trained, powerful voice remains a hallmark of her sound.

She has opened for Victor Wooten, Yonder Mountain String Band, and has played sets at Burning Man and for the Missouri Contemporary Ballet. Her band members are Zach Harrison on electric guitar, Kyle Day on bass, and Danny Carroll on drums.

She continues to play violin for The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, The Lacewings, and The Kay Brothers. She frequently does session work for various bands across the state.

Stage Schedule

Performance Date: Saturday, September 25

Performance Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Stage Location: MU Health Care Stage

Stage Schedule