Singer-songwriter Kyren Penrose has a deep love for his hometown of Columbia, Missouri. A songwriter since childhood, he began to seriously pursue music around age fifteen, when he started a band with a few friends called The Adaptation. Their popularity grew over the years and despite their young age, they eventually became a fixture of the city’s music scene and regularly played headline shows at some of Columbia’s major venues, like Rose Music Hall. However, the pandemic force the group to disband, which prompted Penrose to begin creating music as a solo artist. 

His sound is acoustic and homegrown, with his songs often featuring imagery reminiscent of central Missouri’s landscape. He explained, “It’s nice being from a college town. Columbia’s like its own little hideaway in Missouri in a lot of ways. I wouldn’t wanna live anywhere else in Missouri. And it’s awesome cause we’re, like, a five minute drive from the country, so it’s like you get to hang out and there’s so many parks and stuff for you to walk through and just be out in nature, which has totally influenced my music a lot. I don’t know, if I was living in New York, I’d be playing a completely different kind of music.”

He just released his debut album as a solo artist, Wildflower, which is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and iHeart. To keep up with new releases, tour dates, and other announcements, follow Penrose on Facebook or Instagram

You can see him live on tour in March at any of the stops below:

3/3 – 3/6 — True/False Film Festival, Columbia, MO

3/17 — The Gaslight, Lawerence, KS

3/18 — Kirby’s Beer Store, Wichita, KS

3/24 — Cooper’s Landing, Columbia, MO

3/25 — Gotahold Brewery, Eureka Springs, AR

3/26 — Chelsea’s Corner Cafe, Eureka Springs, AR

3/27 — Jimmy Driftwood Music Barn, Stone County, AR