Our Festival experience does not stop at music. Throughout the 49 acres of Stephens Lake Park, which become our home for a weekend each year, dozens of visual art installations create a multi-sensory experience of color and light to accompany the sounds of country, blues, bluegrass and folk music. Our creative and innovative Visual Art Directors, Lisa Bartlett and Karen TDQ Pummill, of Artlandish Gallery, oversee a team of local visionaries to provide this added dimension to our festival. In addition to the artists themselves, there is a dedicated crew of eight local volunteers who carefully assemble and thoughtfully dismantle these works each year. This team assures that our festival is a warm and inviting visual experience, year after year. Our patrons and musicians know they’ve entered a genuinely artful space from the moment they arrive on the Festival grounds. Each year, there are new installations in addition to these returning favorites:

The Flames: designed and Constructed by Meg rivers and her art team
The flames are 4” tall and we arrange them in a way to create a path from the top of the Festival entrance down to the East stage. They make a beautiful landscape addition when seen from afar. They are like glowing little flickers of light.

The Dragon: Designer Lisa Bartlett, constructed by Lisa, Jamie Kroll, Karen TDQ Pummill & the RNB art team. The dragon is 45 feet long and 4 feet tall tunnel that has hundreds of led lights covering it! It’s made for kids and adults both to wander through. It is covered with shimmery material that replicates a dragon scale.

The Drum Pyramid: Designed by Lisa Bartlett
A whole slew of drums, donated to Roots N Blues by Nate White and Palen Music Center, inspired this creation. We had big ideas of actually setting up the drums for the public to play on but decided the noise would be too much. Lisa designed an easy pyramid sculpture instead.

The Dragonfly Tunnel: designed by Lisa Bartlett
We made about 100 gigantic dragonflies that are each about 3 1/2 feet long several years ago for the festival to create a tunnel of sorts with them. After that year of installing them with LED lighting, it didn’t seem like the best design so we utilize the dragonflies in different ways, since then a new more comprehensive design was constructed.

The Throne: designed by Steve Sweitzer

We live in a community that genuinely understands the value of the arts. In 2007, Columbia was the first city to receive the Missouri Arts Council award in the category of Creative Community. Along with the visiting musicians that grace our stages each year, we showcase our wealth of talented local visual artists as well as our local musicians. We want our visitors to experience the abundance of creativity that Columbia has to offer. We appreciate how very much the arts enrich our lives every day and we want to share that with our guests.